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Are we acquaintances? She may not like his attitude. I'd like to learn French. He won an immediate response. The answer seems too obvious. Rudolph still has some time. I had to climb over the fence. Could I have a napkin, please?

I baked two pies this afternoon. I thought Win would ask John to go with him to Boston.

Is Space on the baseball team? This is expired. Don't swallow that slick propaganda.

The food is not good. The day of decision is at hand. Barton doesn't have time right now to help you. Kent likes oranges and eats around 3 or 4 of them per week.

There's no need to get hysterical. Susanne passed away three days ago. This photograph reminds me of my childhood. The teacher was immediately at work correcting that day's test. Her job is to type. We should get back to work. Ragnar is a consultant. Kuniko has never drunk so much before in her life. Even this cable cost me 6000 yen.

I like curls. I'm inclined to believe them. It brought a smile to her face. Nice costume. There is much truth in what you say. Dan smothered Linda with a pillow. You're only deceiving yourself.

I make it a rule to study math every day. You didn't want me to starve, did you? The Aoi Festival has been carried out as a national event since then and has continued to the present day. There's been a really big mistake. Father is trying to figure out his tax. He is a man of individual humor.

She had nothing else to say. The long distance courtship is the most concrete proof of love from one person to another, it being true to your loved one or beloved.

Dan often borrowed money from his friends. Carlo wasn't a very good decision-maker. A mother's advice would outweigh a friend's. How does it feel being married? My hope is to give you good food for a low price. I do a lot of stuff. It was an unfortunate mistake.

Tell me your address. I'm no longer afraid of spiders. Please give me a glass of milk. Himawan doesn't want to come with us. Health is the first condition of happiness.

Go tell her. Deserting his family must have made the old bastard giddy with joy. It's breathtaking. I love them both. The problem is I still don't know if I can trust you.

There was a moment of complete silence.

We look great together. The sea looks calm and smooth. Dan checked into a hotel in London. My sentences are not sacrosanct.

Earl could've taken the money. I must flee or I will be imprisoned. What color is your car? Customer in a milk shop: "I'd like to have three testicles, please." Sales girl: "Yes, you would like that, wouldn't you."

At what time is sunrise? I'll make us something to eat. To all appearance it is true. I'll never forget the sight. Recently, many public bath-houses have gone out of business. This is nothing to write home about.

You can't have your cake and eat it, too. I didn't sleep well yesterday. As far as we know, the earth is the only planet to have oceans. My girlfriend still doesn't know my parents. The question whether we should go or stay comes next. I kiss with my eyes open. You had better not wake me up when you come in.