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We'll gladly take you home. This box is filled with apples. Did you know what Marcia's plans were? Patience is the mother of science. Perhaps you are right, I have been selfish. I think Deb is biased.

That would be really funny. Dan threatened to send Linda back to the mental hospital. My wife has no libido since she got pregnant. What can I do?

What are we going to have for lunch? I'm not to blame.

Have a pleasant stay while you're in our town. Before everything you should take better care of your health. I've got to learn some new songs.

We've missed you so much. The niece looks like her aunt. I'll drive Jerry to school. You asked us to trust you. I need someone to hold me and tell me everything will be alright. Even if I have to sell my house, I'll keep my business going. We make decisions together. This is the worst! I've gone and washed my pants with tissues still in the pocket. It looks as though Laurel is waiting for something. Well, what sports do you like?

Enos became the first chimp to orbit the earth on November 29, 1961, aboard a Mercury Atlas rocket. Although the mission plan originally called for three orbits, due to a malfunctioning thruster and other technical difficulties, flight controllers were forced to terminate Enos' flight after two orbits. Enos landed in the recovery area and was picked up 75 minutes after splashdown. He was found to be in good overall condition. You can sleep in my bed if you want. There are still a lot of things that have to be done. If I were an animal, I'd be a dolphin. Maybe it'll work. Lana was my biggest inspiration.

This kid seems to be rather happy. It was really slippery.

What did you say to her?

I'm just wondering how you are getting on and if you have adjusted to the new environment. We see the same side of the moon at all times. He's not used to it.

All communication with the mainland was cut off by the typhoon. This investment fund only invests in ethical companies. Where's my other sock? I've got to tell him. Start, dammit!

Maria is under observation. Such an accident is likely to happen again. She just couldn't do it. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

We're in the middle of negotiations. You shouldn't pop your bubble gum in class. I just want to see what's going on. I will get up early tomorrow. I've never met anyone quite like Micah before. What's the weirdest dream you've ever had? I sincerely hope you'll get well soon. What do you think we should do to make for world peace?

Tell them that everyone is here. Stop calling him that! Pilot couldn't face it. Do you have a crush on my brother? Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally. Party time! I advised Varda not to do that. You're making tea, aren't you?

What you say does not bear on our problem. Laurence says he didn't know what to do.

This one's all yours. Stay where you are until I give you a sign. Spass wants to talk to me.

The mother was cruel to her adopted son. I haven't seen anyone that enjoyed a better life than his, even though his living conditions were terrible. I'd like a money order for ten dollars. The distance from my house to your house is two kilometers. Prices are higher here than in Australia. Tonight, there's a good movie at the cinema. She often sits there reading a book. I met them in Australia.

Don't arrive late at the railroad station. She forced me to go out with her.

He started early in the morning. If they do what I say, I will be very generous. If not... Well, let's just say I deal harshly with insubordination. Why don't you go over to Heather's this afternoon?